Type ’n’ Motion Class SoSe15

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Kilian Rullkötter

Kira Pohl

Yannick Römer

Bahar Karaatkar

Lisa-Marie Fechteler

Tina Lehmkuhl

Lukas Brehm

Rebecca Meyendriesch

Marina Bykova


Type ’n’ Motion Class SoSe15

Animation Projects / Vertr.Prof. at Fh Muenster, 2015


From spring 2015 on, I had the honor to hold a substitute professorship (Vertretungsprofessur?) for mediadesign with focus on audiovisual design at Fh Münster. Classes I've taught were Type ’n' Motion and Visual Music: Rhythmic Data Scapes. (For lastone I collaborated with my great collegue Vertr.Prof. Gregor Kuschmirz. Please find the documentation here.)

Within the type ’n’ motion class, we went through a lot of methods and tools to create proper motion design pieces including typography in motion, focused on animation products. Some of the students had never touched timebased software before, others were already quite experienced.
We spent february till july together learning about what makes an animation a good animation, and about talking and discussing the field of motion products in general. It was all about exact timing, look & feel, dealing with speed and space in lots of different ways, getting a feeling about how it works to be a professional motion designer in different exercises (like pitch situations or client <> designer-team-roleplays, but also workflows and communication processes within a team), creating moodboards and concepts, know how about the difference of a styleframe and a moodoard, coming up with ideas, drawing storyboards and balancing out what it takes to tell a good story and concept and design a motion product.


It was a great class and we proceeded very well. One of our favourite excercises was collaborating as a class on an animated typeface. Please find the project documented here.


Now the semester is over, and I would like to show you here the resulting clips of this type in motion class. They all have been screened at 1st AV SLAM at Fh Muenster.